The Foyer is the space that makes an impact. Whether it’s a talk, a show or a party, anything held here won’t be forgotten.

The crowd
goes 'wow'


From the ground floor, you take some grand stairs to this space. If we were American we may use the word ‘loft’. It’s characterised by its huge windows, glass dots way up high, and expansiveness. At night, dim the lights and you’ll find its dance floor potential.

The Foyer’s magic lies in its ability to make any event memorable.

There is much that could be done in this space. Whether making something, sharing something, or celebrating the success of something. If you would like to know more about holding your something in the Foyer please contact us at or call +31 (0)20 57 213 85.

Download basic floorplan
Download floorplan with 127 seats
Download floorplan for dining option 01
Download floorplan for dining option 02

Case: ADCN

ADCN invited the creative duo Lernert & Sander for the Creative Circus series at the NewWerktheater. The speakers talked about their work process and copycat to an audience of 140 people.


The NewWerktheater has been CreativeMorning’s home for summer 2017. The creative community organised three sessions in the foyer, including a breakfast in the restaurant. The talks were about “Survival”, “CreativeMorning anniversary”, “Equality”.

Case: Elle

The iconic fashion magazine Elle Decoration took advantage of the interior of the Foyer to shoot the portrait of Evelien Reich for the July/August issue.