Walk up, up, up and you’ll reach the NewWerktheater’s best kept secret.
Very big, yet very intimate. 35 people only.

On top of
it all

Reservations Open

The Attic is simply massive. With its white floor and wooden beams, it packs a punch on first impression too. We like to call it the biggest space for the smallest group – capacity: 35 dreamers. What could happen here is a test of the imagination. Just take those stairs up and enter discovery mode with every step.

If you have a brilliant idea and would like to make it happen in The Attic then please contact us at or call at +31 (0)20 57 213 85


Approx. floor area: 312 m2 22 x 13.5 m
General passage height: 2.1m
Ridge height: 3.8m

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